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AudioSubItem Fields

The AudioSubItem type exposes the following members.

Public fieldClip
Specifies the AudioClip to be played in case of the Item mode.
Public fieldClipStartTime
Offsets the the audio clip start time (in seconds).
Public fieldClipStopTime
Ends playing the audio at this time (in seconds).
Public fieldDelay
Defers the playback of the audio sub-item for Delay seconds.
Public fieldDisableOtherSubitems
If enabled all other subitmes which do not have this option enabled will not be played. Useful for testing specific subitmes within a large list of subitems.
Public fieldFadeIn
Automatic fade-in in seconds
Public fieldFadeOut
Automatic fade-out in seconds
Public fieldindividualSettings
List of attribute names that have individual setings, ie. that are not inherited by the parent AudioItem
Public fieldItemModeAudioID
Specifies the audioID to be played in case of the Item mode
Public fieldPan2D
Alters the pan: -1..left, +1..right
Public fieldPitchShift
Alters the pitch in units of semitones ( thus 12 = twice the speed)
Public fieldProbability
If multiple sub-items are defined within an audio item, the specific audio clip is chosen with a probability in proportion to the Probability value.
Public fieldRandomDelay
Randomly adds a delay between 0 and RandomDelay
Public fieldRandomPitch
Randomly shifts the pitch in units of semitones ( thus 12 = twice the speed)
Public fieldRandomStartPosition
Starts playing at a random position.
Public fieldRandomVolume
Randomly shifts the volume +/- this value
Public fieldSubItemType
Specifies the type of this AudioSubItem
Public fieldVolume
The volume applied to the audio sub-item.
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