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Audio Toolkit provides an easy-to-use and performance optimized framework to play and manage music and sound effects in Unity.
Public classAudioCategory
An audio category represents a set of AudioItems. Categories allow to change the volume of all containing audio items.
Public classCode exampleAudioController
The audio managing class used to define and play audio items and categories.
Public classAudioItem
The AudioItem class represents a uniquely named audio entity that can be played by scripts.
Public classAudioLog
Public classAudioLogLogData
Public classAudioLogLogData_Destroy
Public classAudioLogLogData_PlayClip
Public classAudioLogLogData_SkippedPlay
Public classAudioLogLogData_Stop
Public classCode exampleAudioObject
The object playing the audio clip associated with a AudioSubItem
Public classAudioSubItem
An AudioSubItem represents a specific Unity audio clip.
Public classCode exampleObjectPoolController
A static class used to create and destroy poolable objects.
Public classPlaylist
Allows to define a playlist consisting of a list of audio IDs
Public classPoolableObject
Add this component to your prefab to make it poolable.
Public classCode examplePoolableReferenceT
Auxiliary class to overcome the problem of references to pooled objects that should become null when objects are moved back to the pool after calling Destroy(GameObject).
Public classRegisteredComponent
Derive your MonoBehaviour class from RegisteredComponent and all references to instances of this component will be saved in an internal array. Use GetAllOfTypeT to retrieve this array, which is much faster than using Unity's GameObject.FindObjectsOfType() function.
Public classRegisteredComponentController
This controller provides fast access to all currently existing RegisteredComponent instances.
Public classCode exampleSingletonMonoBehaviourT
Provides singleton-like access to a unique instance of a MonoBehaviour.

Public interfaceIRegisteredComponent