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PoolableObject Fields

The PoolableObject type exposes the following members.

Public fielddoNotDestroyOnLoad
If enabled the object will not get destroyed if a new scene is loaded
Public fieldmaxPoolSize
The maximum number of instances of this prefab to get stored in the pool.
Public fieldpreloadCount
This number of instances will be preloaded to the pool if Preload(GameObject) is called.
Public fieldsendAwakeStartOnDestroyMessage
If enabled Awake(), Start(), and OnDestroy() messages are sent to the poolable object if the object is set active respectively inactive whenever Destroy(GameObject) or Instantiate(GameObject) is called.

This way it is simulated that the object really gets instantiated respectively destroyed.

Public fieldsendPoolableActivateDeactivateMessages
If enabled a OnPoolableObjectActivated and OnPoolableObjectDeactivated message is sent to the poolable instance if the object is activated respectively deactivated by the ObjectPoolController
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