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AudioController Fields

The AudioController type exposes the following members.

Public field_currentInspectorSelection
Public fieldambienceSoundCrossFadeTime
If set to a value > 0 (in seconds) music will automatically be cross-faded with this fading time.
Public fieldStatic memberAUDIO_TOOLKIT_VERSION
A string containing the version number of the Audio Toolkit
Public fieldAudioCategories
Specify your audio categories here using the Unity inspector.
Public fieldAudioObjectPrefab
You must specify your AudioObject prefab here using the Unity inspector.
  • AudioObjectAudioSource (Unity built-in)PoolableObject - only required if pooling is uses
Public fieldcrossfadePlaylist
if enabled, the tracks on the playlist will get cross-faded as specified by musicCrossFadeTime
Public fielddelayBetweenPlaylistTracks
Mute time in between two tracks on the playlist.
Public fieldEqualPowerCrossfade
If enabled fading is adjusted in a way so that cross-fades should result in the same power during the time of fadeing
Public fieldloopPlaylist
specifies if the music playlist will get looped
Public fieldmusicCrossFadeTime
If set to a value > 0 (in seconds) music will automatically be cross-faded with this fading time.
Public fieldmusicPlaylist Obsolete.
For backwards compatibility we still keep the old playlist system, its items will be copied over to the Default Playlist and then cleared
Public fieldmusicPlaylists
allows to specify a list of named playlist that can be played as music
Public fieldPersistent
If enabled, the audio controller will survive scene changes
Public fieldPlayWithZeroVolume
If disabled, audios are not played if they have a resulting volume of zero.
Public fieldshufflePlaylist
enables / disables shuffling for the music playlist
Public fieldspecifyCrossFadeInAndOutSeperately
If enabled specific music and ambience sound cross-fading in and out times can be specified with musicCrossFadeTime_In and musicCrossFadeTime_Out respectively ambienceSoundCrossFadeTime_In and ambienceSoundCrossFadeTime_Out
Public fieldUnloadAudioClipsOnDestroy
If enabled all audio resources (AudioClips) specified in this AudioController are unloaded from memory when the AudioController gets destroyed (e.g. when loading a new scene and Persistent is not enabled)
Public fieldUsePooledAudioObjects
Enables / Disables AudioObject pooling
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